January 13, 2012


Ok so you noticed the new name of the GBP2011? Yeah, well at least it isn't frogged! Just overlapping in years. LOL
I have been knitting, knitting my little fingers off actually.
I got on the cotton kick, hand towels, facecloths, dishcloths, OOOooo the dishcloths.
I ended up with about four matching towel and cloth sets, all but one given as a Christmas gift, then there were the six cloths for my MIL and the five cloths for each of my girls, plus the cloths I made to replace the worn out ones I had in my bathroom. I don't know what got into me, just started playing with the variegated cotton and it was on, COLOR PLAY.
I finally got most of that out of my system and found this CORONA on Ravelry.
Now we all know how Ravelry is, you find something you like, and then you look at all the projects being done, read all the notes from other people, look at all the different yarns used, then you CO.
That's exactly what I did.
I have been posting my progress at the Knittinfun Facebook Page
It is a really good pattern, and besides my one brain fart screw up, it has been going really well. I am knitting mine in Lion Brand Cotton Ease, for three reasons.
1. I am not buying any yarn for right now. My stash is overwhelming and something needs to be done about it. So, I went stash diving and that's what floated to the top!
2. I have a bad habit of falling in love with a pattern, buying yarn just for that pattern and then either starting something else before my yarn arrives which puts it on hold, or worse, not starting the new project at all after I have already spent the money on it.
3. It is way to hot where I live most of the time, wool is not a good idea, unless you only want to be able to wear your new sweater for about a month out of twelve. Not enough use after I have put all the time into making something. Especially if I like it.
You can hop over to the FB page and check out the progress and see the pics there. ;0)

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