September 28, 2011

More knitting on the list

If you have followed me at all, you know little Ma'Leah (from the post below↓) was named after me and her great Grandmother, Mama Grace. No her name is not Ma'Leah Mama Grace, but your close. Ma'Leah Grace was actually two weeks old yesterday!
Of course I HAVE  to knit her a blanket!
So here comes another knitting project, no, this is not helping me with the timing issue of the GBP2011, but it is only a minor side step.
I am headed to Wally World (Uggghhhh) after work to pick her up some yarn, which, BTW, when I brought this up to PB last night, won me the normal "yarnaholic" comments.
"There is no way you had time to look through all that stash to make sure you didn't have any to use"
"Did you check in the shed?"
"It doesn't matter, you're going to buy it anyway!"
God I love that man! He's nothing if not predictable!
Anyway, I digress.
I have a pattern that I use all of the time for wash cloths and dish towels, I think I may have even converted it into a rug pattern at one time. This, as far as I know, will be it's first official debut as a baby blanket.
It's a great pattern and super easy to up size and downsize to fit your needs.
It can be found here: Mock Woven Tea Towel This is the absolute best, easy, tv watching pattern out there IMHO besides the Grandmothers Dishcloth of which there are many, many links to patterns out there on the internet! Thank you Al Gore!
I will post pics of the yarn when I get home, and write out the pattern for you. It's going to be a long pattern as I will be posting it here row by row as I knit. If you want, grab some needles,some yarn and knit along with me. It's going to be super easy, and by the third or fourth post, you will have it down pat.

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