February 1, 2009


On December 3rd 2008 this little guy brightened our lives.
Traedon is grandbaby number 5 and he is Tristan and Trin's baby brother. He is a sweetheart and smiling big for MiMi already!

Tristan's first look at his new baby brother.

This picture is kinda blurry, but I love it!
Tristan Trin and Trae

Then I decided it is time to turn my living room from this......

To this....

All this was before Chrtismas holiday,and I don't think we have slowed down much since,
I have been knitting, I have given away 3 scarves and a pair of socks since the New Year started.
Yes, me, knitting scarves..........but that's for another post.

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