July 23, 2008

July KAL

I didn't get much done for the beginning of July KAL's, let's face it, I didn't do any of them, what with just getting back from vacation from Panama City and getting ready for the big 4th blow up (I mean out) all those fireworks!, at my house, I just didn't have the spare time.
I am so glad that there are Mid Month KALs. That is what these two pics are.
This first one is a beautiful cloth from the MonthlyDishcloths Group over at yahoo.
Knit with P&C in Shrimp, the color has a lot more orange to it than is showing up in the picture.
There is no pink.
Size 6 circs

This second one is from ShirleysKnittingNook at yahoo also.
This cute little guy was knit on size 6 circs with, I know, here comes the suprise, P&C in hunter green. This was also the list owner's daughter, Chantal's first attempt at hosting a KAL, I think she did a great job. And this cute little cloth will become part of Isaac's and Bella's every growing pile of cloths for Christmas. He matches the cartoon jungle theme Desire' has in their bathroom perfectly.

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