October 10, 2017

My first quilt! Hurricane knitting

My lines are a little gimped up, mostly crooked and nowhere near the 'ditch', but it's finished. It's my first quilt. And I love it!
It was definitely a learning experience. Just like my first knit sock. It was the ugliest thing ever and the sts were tight in some places and loose in another and my heel had gaps. But it was my first sock, and I still wear them today.
The walker foot definitely made this go by a lot faster with not as much effort. A must have to keep that batting from creeping, no matter how many pins I stuck in it.
Unless I decide to start another one today, this will be the first and last quilt on this machine.
My singer is bare bones minimum and I decided I wanted something that does just a little bit more for Christmas. PB, being the sweetie pie he is decided I didn't need to wait until Christmas and let me go ahead and pick one out.
I was helping him by showing him what I wanted for Christmas, stop the Christmas Eve struggle for him, but hey! Ok, I'll get one now and he can struggle through another Christmas Eve shopping spree. :0) More about the new machine later.
Here she is! All finished, washed and dried. That was the worst part for me, waiting to see if it survived the washing machine. But all the worry was for naught, it's nice and clean and fluffed and smells like Snuggle! (excuse the mess, hubby didn't make the bed when he got up!) and no, I didn't make it either for the picture. LOL
Those little squares in the top corner are the beginnings of my next quilt. Like my knitting, by the time I am finished with what I'm working on, I have already moved on to what I am going to do next. 
As you can see on the back, I just stitched the lines around the squares. Nothing fancy, just a basic, snuggly warm quilt.
Do you see that orange square turned up at the bottom?
Yes, it is sewn that way, I gimped up this block and thought I could fix it by sewing it. Didn't work!
But I don't care. Like I said, learning experiences. And it's mine! All mine!

I did get quite a bit done on Sissy B's blanket during the football game last Saturday, there was some serious fast knitting going on! Whew! We barely pulled that one off!.
We got to watch half of the game before the power went out thanks to hurricane Nate. After that it was all radio, which made me knit faster while trying to visualize what in the world our guys were up to. 
It is now about 3/4 of the way finished. I need to get on it so I can start the little kids blankets to have them finished in time for Christmas. Their's are not going to be big, bed sized blankets. I'm going for something they can carry around with them or snuggle under to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

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