October 6, 2017

Gnitliuq: Is it the same thing as tink?

When we have to frog several rows of knitting it's called tink. Knit spelled backwards.
So what is it called when you have to un-quilt a line? Like a whole line.
I spent the better part of the last two days unsewing my first line of quilting.
I guess I got so excited about actually getting to the quilting part, I skipped the basting, pinning and straightening part.
I only tell you this so that you can learn from my experience.
But I guess you already knew that, I'm a little more stubborn and hard headed than most.
I was buzzing right along, excited about finally making my quilt A quilt. Get all the way to the end of my line and well look at that! Here is all the batting, just lying down there in a pile!
Ok, Ok, lesson learned.
After un-quilting I started again, straightened everything back out, basted everything down with pins, added the new walking foot to the machine and wala! Better results the second time around.
For some reason it already looks quilted in this picture. This was before all that pinning. 
Speaking of the walking foot, get one, as soon as possible, run out and buy one before you ever cut your first square. It is amazing. All I had to do once I installed it is hold the fabric straight so it wouldn't gather up. The feet on top and bottom pulled the material through on it's own. It's awesome! Get one!
I did get almost all of my lines finished yesterday. I am hoping to finish it today and get some pictures. 
It's a good thing this is a learning curve quilt and just for me. It wouldn't win any awards.

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