October 19, 2014

The Never Ending Dresser Scarf is Ended!

When we went to buy a new bedroom set, I fell in love with this antiqued set. 
We had it delivered and I worked most of the day setting our room back up. I loved it. It has a down in the country kind of feel to it.
Brat #1 comes over and says "Mom, all that beautiful furniture they sell and you had to pick up something that looks like Mamaw bought it at a yard sale." Lol
 She just can't understand why I bought a brand new furniture set that already looks old. But I love it!

I decided to make the never ending dresser scarf to protect the top of the night stands from morning coffees and overturned water bottles. I did not realize just how wide our nightstands were. They are not normal width,which works out great for all my books,my phone, and of course, the ever present coffe cup, not so much for trying to quickly get something knit to protect it. 

I finished last night watching Alabama walk over Texas A&M. Sorry guys, we know how you feel you killed us a few years ago. 
So here it is! 
No I still haven't found the perfect lamps yet. I'll take any ideas you have!

Now to start the second one. Whew!

It's going to take months when it's time to make one for this monster!

October 17, 2014

Infinity? Cowl? Scarf? What's the best?

I was over at the Kittinfun Facebook Page and asked the question, cowls or scarves or infinities? Which do you like best?
I have the Myra Cowl that I knit about two years ago, and let me tell you when the temps dropped below 20 degrees here on the Gulf Coast (IKR!) last winter, I wore that thing like a pro. Tucked inside the collar of my nice warm wool coat. It made a huge difference keeping the wind and cold from creeping down the back of my neck every time I moved. I liked it much better than a scarf that, it never fails, comes unwrapped or untucked or untied or, worse, inadvertently gets pulled tighter around your throat.
But it was too tight feeling, like I kept grabbing it and trying to stretch it out some to stop the feeling of having toasty warm hands wrapping slowly around my throat.
So I went on a pattern hunt and found a few that I think I might like to wear.
Tho some would have to be made bigger than the directions, they are all adorable!

I really like this one. It has a hood built in. I would think this would come in very handy if we hit those low temps again this year.
The Hooded Simon

Ok, this is just too damn cute not to share.
January Cowl

Sweet and simple
Jenny From The Block Circle Scarf

Big and snuggly
A Hint of Snow Cowl

Touch of lace
Bridger Cowl

I'm seeing one of these in some team colors
Broken Stripes Moebius

Longer cowl pattern
Cowl A La Mode

A little more complicated, but I love it!
Vampire Style

And as always, you can find anything and everything you ever wanted on Ravelry

Sometimes I feel like this....

October 16, 2014

That's not your pattern!

Exactly how many versions of the same pattern can there be?
I love Ravelry. It is one of my favorite places to start looking for something new and fun to make. And then when you find it you can see all the different projects made with that pattern. You get pattern notes, yarn suggestions and people's opinions about those patterns.
It is a great source of information and inspiration for me.

Having said that first, people need to realize, just because you took a pattern and changed the color of the yarn, or used larger needles to make it more "drapey", or went from five stripes in the original pattern to two tone, does not make it a new and wonderful pattern.
You can not take that and post it as your own pattern. It's not.
You can post it as a revision to the original pattern. An upgrade even. But it's not your original pattern. Even if you do post it for free. (thank you tho! I love free!)
Using Grandma's Favorite as an example, there can only be one.
I have found plenty of "Another ...." or "Just one more....." stop it!
It's not an original idea. It's Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth pattern.
It doesn't matter if you did yours in stripes or with a different kind of yarn besides cotton. It's not a new pattern. Not that we wouldn't all love to see your notes on just how you did that.

I did see one that inserted a heart in the middle of the cloth. Yes! That's a new pattern. The writer had to sit down and figure it out, chart it even, and then knit, and possibly tink the pattern until it became doable. Now you have a new pattern, and Thank You! by the way for sharing! It's awesome!

And please don't take said pattern variation and sell it! There are unsuspecting new knitters out there who have no clue that exact same pattern has been around for years with different yarn.

Ravelry is not a police state, they don't check every pattern and say "Hey, that's just like the pink striped garter st. scarf, now it's purple." 

I have a lot of things that I change a little thing here and there, and I make notes, post notes and talk about it, but I never claimed my differences to be a new and exciting pattern.
If I add ten stitches to the beginning of a mitered square instead of twelve, no it's not new, just a note.
I can tell you exactly what pattern I am using and then tell you, "this is what I did" but I can not take that difference and write it up as my new pattern. It's not. 

Now having vented, I am off to search projects  before someone sees this and banns me from Ravelry for life.

October 14, 2014

Chasing Fish all Weekend Long

We spent Friday evening on the Island. PB was trying his hardest to chase us down some mullet since it's been like almost a week since we have had any for dinner. I know, horrid thought!

            Beautiful day                                                        My In-laws came down


Sunrise comes early on Saturday. I kicked back in my new Bama sunglasses, picked up at the gas station where we grabbed some breakfast, with my toes in the water and relaxed.
We even had some company

With no luck Sunday morning rolls around              It's time to pull out the heavy equipment.

                                                             Did we find the fish?
                                                                   Well of course!

October 10, 2014

The Grillmaster

Everywhere we go, if there is a grill, PB will cook on it.
He absolutely loves grilling.
If we are invited to someone's house for a cookout, before the day is started good, he has been "invited" to take over the grilling. Probably has more to do with him hovering over the cook than anything else.
He enjoys it and we all get to chow on some really awesome food.

So when NOAA had their backyard BBQ to support CFC, who do you think was the Grill Master?
Yeah, that's PB at the grill with, I might add, one of my kitchen towels hanging out of his back pocket! I should probably check and make sure that thing made it back home.
Look at that amazing food, you can almost smell it!

October 9, 2014

Knitting During A Freak Show

I decided last night to get some more cloths made for the baskets while I was watching American Horror Story: Freak Show.

When I am watching something really intense, I knit faster and faster without really realizing it and not always with the best results. I was knitting so fast last night, if  I could have accomplished it with any sort of accuracy, I would have been able to finish all of my gift knitting before the end of the hour and a half show. Alas, accuracy and speed, in my book, are two completely different animals.

The show had some very interesting characters.
I think once you start getting into the back stories of all the different people it will be awesome!
All my favorite AHS actors are back! Though some of them I didn't even recognize.

This is going to be an awesome season for AHS! Now as far as my knitting goes?
Big Bang Theory is more my speed ;0)

Oh yeah, and this guy...................

He creeps me out pretty bad, like Pennywise on steroids bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

October 8, 2014

Road Trip! Kinda long with pics

I love road trips!
Since the kids have grown up and finally moved out, road trips have become my favorite thing to do. We have been to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Tennessee and all points in between in the last two years. And you know what a road trip means right?
Uninterrupted knitting time!
Now as hard as I have been working on that dresser scarf, you would think that six hours of drive time would have me almost completely finished right?
Um.....NO. I decided after only about thirty minutes that I was going to start on my gift knitting for this year. Luckily when I travel, I never bring only one project because stuck in a car or not, if I don't feel like working on it, it's just not going to happen. I always have a book in the car as a back up ;0)
So I decided gift baskets were the thing for this year. 4 cloths rolled and tied with ribbon inside a cute little square basket with some kind of perfumey soap. Perfect for those people that you have to get something for but don't know them well enough to knit them something personal and also for those that bug you (DD#1) for cloths all year round, even though you had made it quite clear that you were on hiatus!
I have about three cloths already for the first basket. I just have to comb Variety Outlet for the perfect baskets. I already checked Wally World and that's a big no go. You're as shocked I'm sure, as I was!

I have some pics to share of the trip.
We went to the Alabama vs. Ole Miss game in Oxford this last weekend. 
Yes we lost but the trip was great fun.

The best thing about road trips are the
great views you get from the windshield...                              and the rear view.
The Delta really is a beautiful place and we could not have asked for a better weekend. Low humidity, cool temps and cold evenings.
It will be hard for me to stay at a hotel on any more of our trips. One of our friends decided to check into the state park and rented us a cabin on Lake Enid. It was absolutely beautiful!
The cabin was big enough for all five of us and completely stocked with everything except food. Much more comfortable and cozy then a hotel room would have been. Oh, and a grill, can't forget those awesome steaks PB cooked for us all.
The next morning we were up bright and early to watch the deer come right up to the back yard and play. They were literally everywhere, you had to be careful driving through, they have absolutely no fear. Cars, people, they don't care. It was great!

Then on to Oxford. The people there were really great! It was so crowded you could hardly move. It was a big game for them and they were very excited and for the most part, very gracious, welcoming us in all our Roll Tide gear with warm hand shakes and hugs.

We hung out with some great friends                                   and met some interesting

PB was very excited. Do you know
how hard it is to get this man to smile?
Yes! he was excited!

                                Nothing made me laugh harder the whole time we were there.

October 7, 2014

Just some nifty, crafty ideas

Surfing around the web and came across some really nifty,crafty ideas.
Some I knew about already, some are great new ideas.
Thought I would share them. Plus this serves as my own personal book mark.

1. http://www.buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/crafthackz?sub=2164010_1102051#3q6owhl
This has some really great ideas for people like me, bow and pom pom challenged

Those dreadful seams. I haven't knit anything that wasn't in the round because I just can't seem to get the seams down. (literally) This looks like something I might could manage.

Oh that horrible frog pond!

Now this is a great idea for that too tight bind off. One of the first sweaters I ever made doesn't fit over my fat head, wish I had known this then.

I love fair isle knitting, mine just looks awful

Great for beginners plus it never hurts to touch up..

Great tips for sewing knits

8. http://kristenmakes.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/cadence-kal-finishing-your-knit/
I think we could all use a little help in this areas

9. http://sockpr0n.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-to-weave-in-ends-while-knitting.html
Weave those ends in as you go

Not really about knitting but I had to add this, some great ideas!

October 2, 2014

Video killed the radio star

I have been surfing around the web lately, checking out all the knitting and crafty blogs that used to be out there. Over half of them are unused anymore.

I know I fell into the same rut, not posting on the blog, sticking mainly to Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter, and lord let's not forget Instagram.

That got me to thinkin', has social media done away with the normal everyday  routine blogger? Not the business blogger, who wants to sell you something, or the professional blogger, just the normal everyday, run of the mill blogger who put out most of their lives onto a blog that was more for themselves and friends than the need for anyone else to see it.

With social media it is instant gratification when you post something.

You post a question and sit, waiting sometimes not so patiently for a reply. You post how you are feeling today and it is instant sympathy or excitement.

I think that is what happened to me and my blog. But now I am going old school.

I went thumbing through my blog last night and saw some posts that were absolutely nostalgic. I laughed and teared up and rolled my eyes. It was a definite trip down memory lane.

Now of course you can do that on FB and all the other social media sights, but a blog is so much more in depth about what you were thinking and feeling. Social media has cut the conversations down to short snippets of who we really are and what we really feel and think about a situation.

I like my blog, I am going to make use of  my blog. I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

Will you still see me on social media, well duh! I'm not a a recluse. But this is where I am going to hang out and have fun.

Which all brings me, in no short route, to this video.

When I was thinking about all this last night, this song went round and round in my head.

Different premise, same idea.

Social media is killing the everyday blogger. (I'm sure you are wishing it had squashed my own little part of the blogging world by now) but hey, there's a back button around here somewhere if you need it.


October 1, 2014

Half way there

Half way finished!

Breast Cancer Awareness bandwagon

You know it's coming.
Tons and tons of tweets, pins and posts about breast cancer awareness month.
I know it can all seem overwhelming and a tad annoying but you need to stop and think about what this campaign has accomplished over the years.  I am not going to get into technical information that anyone with an internet connection can Google and find for themselves.
You know this campaign has helped many, many women make the decision to get checked out, and that is the first and best step to stopping the disease.
Lets face it, it's embarrassing, uncomfortable and just a basic pain in the ass to get your mamo every year.
There is also mountains of evidence that it works.
Everyone knows someone who has been touched by breast cancer.
Everyone can share a story about a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Cousin and Aunt or Friend.
And yes, jumping on the bandwagon for a good cause, I will share mine with you. (it's a wagon worth riding)
My Aunt was faithful with her mamos, or titti sammiches as she liked to call them, every year. Cysts run in her family so she was a faithful follower of the yearly routine.
Biopsy after biopsy showed nothing dangerous, nothing to worry about, so the last mamo she had, she went to see the doctor about the results alone.
We all waited for the yearly phone call saying that she had another cyst and she was fine. But this year we didn't get that call, it was stage 1 breast cancer.
It was a hard day for us all, and I think, as a family we all still carry that guilt for not being there for her when she was given the news, but there was good news in there, because she had her tests done yearly, without fail, it was only stage 1. The diagnosis was good from the beginning. Not to down play the worry at all. It's still a very scary thing to deal with no matter how reassuring the doctors are.
She still had to go through the surgery and through the radiation. It was hard on her and she was strong through out and never lost that positive attitude we all know and love about her.
My Aunt has been cancer free for well over six years now and she doesn't mind sitting you down and giving you a thorough tongue lashing if you don't go get your mamo done every year.
I honestly think if I lied, she would be able to find out.
Who can blame her, she is living proof that early detection can save a life.


September 29, 2014

Word of the day...drapey

Is drapey even a word?
Spell check doesn't like it at all, wants to keep changing it to drapery. Now how weird would that sound? My knitting is so drapery????
Say it out loud to a group of knitters and they know exactly what you mean.
I was knitting on the dresser scarf a little bit before work this morning and all I could think is how much I loved how drapey Knit Picks CotLin yarn is with this linen stitch.
CotLin is not a very drapey yarn, if you have knit much with it you just know it's not. But you add that linen stitch to it on size five needles and it is down right ..... drapey.
Which brings up another thought.
For some reason I don't mind the linen stitch, yarn in front, slip, yarn in back stitch, over and over again. Love the way it feels and looks.
Seed stitch on the other hand? Yarn in front, purl, yarn in back, knit, drives me frikkin' bonkers. Seems like it takes forever to get finished with something using seed stitch.
Does that one missing stitch action in linen stitch really make that much of a difference???
In my case? Apparently so.
Just sayin'

September 27, 2014

Which is the wrong side?

I have been making a dresser scarf with a stitch I haven't tried yet, the linen stitch. I am in love!
The only problem, I can't figure out which side of my work is the wrong side. They both look great. 
The front?                                                                 Or the back?

You decide, I like them both. 
More details about yarn, needles and pattern to come.

September 26, 2014


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Once again, you don't have to, just setting things up


Wow! It has been a while!

March of 2013

Not to make excuses, but....what had happened was.......

In December of 2013 I finished my last holiday knitted item, put down my  needles and have not picked them back up. Through all the pleas for this item or that item I have quietly and firmly refused to knit anything. 

I just couldn't find the urge to pick those needles back up again. I don't know what happened. Guess it was just time for a break.

Before all of that happened tho, I was blogging. Posting little things here and there about knitting and patterns and basic b.s. and the more I blogged, the more worried I became about if anyone was reading my blog, wondered why I couldn't get my numbers up. Hell I even tried giving stuff away and couldn't get any more than half a dozen views a day. 

And for some reason, this bothered me. Me! A forty-seven year old knitter, accomplished at cooking, knitting,pattern writing, data entry at my local t.v. station, wife, mother, MiMi and an all around generally liked person. 

Yes me, I was worried about why no one was interested in my blog, what could I do to spice it up, why couldn't I get anyone to want to read all my gibberish, and worst of all, why the hell couldn't I even give away anything for free! 

Believe it or not, it bothered me enough to just stop blogging. If no one wanted to see my blog, why put it out there?

Then, a year and a half later, I had an epiphany! 

This isn't your blog! It's mine, all mine. I can bitch, whine, laugh, cry, eat Cheetos on the couch, whatever I decided I wanted to do on MY blog.

You don't have to read it, it's no longer for you that I write it. 

I am taking my blog back, I will post what I want, when I want, and if I want to say DAMN! that was a good pattern, I will. 

I would be thrilled for you to check it out and enjoy your time here, but if you don't..............it wasn't for you that I wrote it anyway.

Now the ironic thing about this whole message? 

If no one is reading my blog, who am I writing this to?


March 6, 2013

Chicks and Jule

The chicks were really excited when I opened up the flap and let them out.
They really are getting ugly.
Almost all feathered with patches of fuzz.
They run right to me every time I open the cage.
I really think these are going to be the best bunch we've had. They are not afraid of anything and they love being around people.

Jule got to enjoy one of her rare trips outside. She doesn't stay out long. She doesn't like noise enough for all that!

March 5, 2013

Hand Towel Pattern

BFF has asked me for this pattern a while back. So II thought I would share it here.
This is not my stitch pattern, just how I used it to make this towel.

Size 7 needles
100% dishcloth cotton

All right side rows: Knit across

CO 59 sts
R1: (wrong side) k3, p3, *k7, p3, repeat from * to last 3sts, k3
R2: (right side) Knit across
Repeat rows 1&2, 4x more
You should have 5 ridges in the k7 sections on the right side.

R11: K6, *p7, k3, repeat from * to last 3sts, k3
R12: K across
Repeat rows 11&12 2x more
You should have 3 ridges in the k3 sections on the right side

Repeat these 16 rows 8x more
Then repeat rows 1&2 5x more

BO on final right side row.

59 sts makes a towel about 14" wide.
For a smaller towel co 49 sts

For a cloth I co 39 sts and do 4 repeats then the first section again.

October 25, 2012


BFF reminded me today that she has been waiting to see the finished hand towels.
Yes I said towel"s" because I finished one and jumped straight on to the next. Why do you think we re-did the bathroom? Well to showcase my new knitted items of course!
Not sure if PB would agree with that statement but that's what I'm going with. ;0)
The first one is the tan towel with green flecks that I posted about a few weeks ago.
I simply did a seed st., 5 row border then every fourth row I k1tan, k1green, then purl back with tan, knit back with tan then purl1green, p1tan.
I worked like that till I was almost out of tan, then 5 rows seed st. border.

The second was a little different, and, since there is so much more of the second color on this one, it is a much thicker towel than the first.

This one was 5 row seed st. border, stst for 6 rows then
K1tan, K1offwhite across
P1OW, P1tan
Repeat 1 more time, then 4 rows stst with the OW.
Once again I didn't measure just went , damn, better stop or I'm not gonna have enough left for the seed st. border.
That's it! Two brand new "original" hand towels that match my new bathroom perfectly. And more awesomeness? It was all stash yarn!

October 23, 2012

Remember when? Ravelry

Remember when Ravelry first came on the scene?
Remember how totally wicked AWESOME! it was?
It was a great idea, by great people.

An online notebook for all of your knitting projects. People could follow your project along as you went, and in my case, probably wonder what the hell was taking me so long to mark a dishcloth as "FINISHED".
You can organize all of your patterns, yarns, and needles, if you were so inclined.
You can chat, join groups, KALs and "hangout" with all your knitterly friends.

Ravelry is still the best idea for any crafter.
Anytime I am going to start something new, I look on Ravelry, at completed projects to get yarn ideas, pattern adjustment ideas, just about anything you need to know about a project before you start.

Ravelry has become a designer showcase. There are more designers selling on Ravelry than there are just plain old knitters, and hardly any crocheters.
People have gotten away from what it was all for in the beginning.
Now, if a project gets listed, it's because the designer wants you to "prepare" for it's debut!
No more pages and pages of new projects being worked on and finished by crafty friends, just more 'designs'.

And on that note....WTH is up with all these people changing a stripe sequence on an item and renaming it and calling it a 'design' and then selling it?

If you take a basic fingerless glove pattern, change the color of the yarn you used, add a stripe around the thumb, rename it and then list it as new pattern for sale, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you are not a designer. You just changed a color, and honestly, most of us have probably already done it years ago and have a pair that look just like yours in our drawer somewhere.

I think what Ravelry has turned into is absolutely awesome for the people who started and run it.
It was supposed to grow, become it's own entity, and it has accomplished that very well so far.

But I miss the old Ravelry, where you could look through and share patterns for hours, and no one tried to pull a stripey color change over your eyes!

October 12, 2012

Double Fisted Knitting

Or better known as two color knitting, stranding, intarsia, whatever you want to call it.
I rummaged through the stash yesterday and found I had some cotton yarns that matched my bathroom exactly.
I didn't want just a single colored towel, but couldn't have too an elaborate a pattern. The back side of the towel had to be functional also. After all, it is a hand towel. Tho I might get upset when someone uses it after all this work!
The tan is some cotton that came with a bag pattern, grocery bag I think, that never got made.
And the green is the ever present cotNlin from KnitPicks.
The knit row is not so bad, I can knit with both hands, that purl row gets me though, I am not any good at purling continental. I think it takes me twice as long to do a purl row with the two colors, and I think one time I did actually purl my pinky to the towel!
It's going to look great in there when its finished.
And seed stitch!! Whew! I love the way it looks, but it takes me FOREVER to get a row on.
I could have chosen a garter st border, lord knows it would go faster, but I really like the seed st border on my hand towels. Just looks a little more "yeah my hand towels are special made, you mean yours aren't?" It's all the rage dahling!