November 5, 2014

Instructions for the Linen Stitch Cowl

I finished this cowl for my Mom last night as part of her Christmas gift. My plan is to add a slouchy hat and some cute wristlets to go with this. 
I posted this over at the Knittinfun Facebook page and promised to add instructions here this morning.
I say instructions because this is not a pattern really. I just looked online until I found something I liked and adapted that to my yarn and my needles. Which, I have to say, worked out perfectly together. 
 Excuse the chicken neck. I am getting old ya know ;0)

Red Heart Yarn: Boutique 
Size 9 16" circs

CO: 120 sts
You know the routine, join to knit in the round, being careful, yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda
R1: K1, Sl1 wyif (with yarn in front) as if to purl
R:2: Sl1 wyif, K1  
Repeat these two rounds until it's the size you want it.
That's it. The whole process. 
As far as measurements, (you're gonna love this) I just held it up to my own neck every once in a while until it felt right.

I did get to thinking last night that this would also be great for an infinity scarf with a cast on of about 240 and DO twist your sts when you join. 
Oh SNAP another project sprouting in my brain!
Maybe I shouldn't have started those dish towels for my MIL so soon!

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