October 13, 2017

I hear there is cold weather.......somewhere.

Here on the Gulf Coast we have had our first, that anyone can recall, October hurricane. Which brought with it wet, humid, muggy, hot air.
But I do hear that somewhere in this country the weather is getting cold. Kudos to you!
Somewhere it is scarf wearing weather!
I love scarves! Naturally I went perusing the internet to see what I might want to make for cold weather, no matter how brief, this year.
Here are some really cute ones!
 The Prismatic Scarf
This pattern can be found on Ravelry, do we really need to have this conversation again? It's free! Join!

Upstairs Pattern

If you are more into lacy and stylish than warmth this is perfect.
I think this would also be a great gift for someone on your gift knitting list.
Just sayin'

Cerus Scarf

I made this scarf a few years ago for my Uncle for Christmas.
It was an easy pattern to follow and makes a great gift for any man on you list.

Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks Scarf
Or star stitch scarf

While this would be pretty in any yarn, I think it is perfect for the more colorful yarns.

Side to Side Self Fringing Scarf 
If you like fringe, this is the easiest pattern ever.


Another really nice one for a guy.

Mira Cowl

One of my faves. I made quite a few of the cowl patterns as gifts a few years ago, even made one for PB to wear when he is hunting.
Knit in Lorna Laces camo yarn it kept his neck toasty warm. 

And he's just cute, I had to put his picture up! ;0)

So there are plenty of options for keeping the howling wind from going down the back of your neck, fancy, lacy. And any of these would be welcome gifts for the upcoming season.

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