October 13, 2017

Sissy B's blanket is almost an FO

In between all the quilting and cooking and cleaning, there is SEC football.
There used to be NFL football, but now it's just SEC, which is fine with me. (don't even get me started)
During the games I get all the knitting time a person needs.
I knit fast during stressful nail biters, and slow and steady when "we got this!"
Sissy B's blanket is growing by leaps and bounds after last Saturday's game. It is almost as long as I am.
Sissy B is almost as tall as me so I am going to finish this up at about my shoulders.
Exactly two skeins of the Lion Brand Mandala yarn is all it will take.
I really love this yarn.
Hopefully Sissy will love her blanket.

You see that monkey sitting on the table? He has been calling Alabama touch downs for 21 years now. He can barely lift his flag anymore, he has been slobbered on by almost every grandbrat we have, pulled on by both the German Shepherds and shoved into many a corner during football games. And he still chants his heart out after every touch down!
Roll Tide! My friends!

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