January 7, 2015

Not Another Dishcloth, Towel or Scarf!

I have been so busy with all the cloths and cowls and scarves and towels that now, with no particular thing in mind, I am at the moment when I think "What the heck am I going to knit now."
The door is wide open, I don't HAVE to knit anything specific. It's kind of a weird feeling. And at this moment I don't think I care for it.
Not enough structure.
Too many want to knits bouncing around in my head.

So after all those cloths and cowls and scarves and towels, I decided I wanted to knit something, anything that wasn't flat or linen stitch.
Don't get me wrong, I am still in love with the linen stitch and for t.v. knitting I still have a few more cloths to get on the needles to fill requests from the "non-recipients"
I want to knit something that doesn't wash a dish, or hide inside a jacket.  Something that can bee seen and appreciated right out there in public.
A sweater!
But OMG it takes so long to finish an adult sized sweater. I would eventually get bored and it would end up in the wip pile for months and months. The answer?
Baby sweaters!
I have two new grandsons who I haven't knit anything for yet. And it is actually, finally, getting cold here on the Gulf Coast.
I went messing around on the net and found this cute little sweater from Tricksy Knitter
WALA! My  next project! No linen stitch, a little bit more involved then my last two months of mindless knitting without being so complicated that I have to lock myself in the bedroom to concentrate on what I am doing.
I actually have the perfect yarn in mind for this project. KnitPicks Swish and I think the colors are and exact match to the picture. ;0)

Click on the picture to get the pattern

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