January 5, 2015

Pattern: Linen Stitch Cloths

The linen stitch cloths are all finally handed out! 
Six baskets with four cloths a piece. 
Great t.v. watching knitting 
The pattern was easy and fast. 
Just a basic linen stitch, but I will post it here just in case you would like to make some of your own.
These cloths come out very dense and in my opinion are perfect for dishwashing, and probably kid scrubbing too. 

Linen Stitch Cloths
Size 8 needles (I use circulars for everything.)
4 ply 100% cotton of your choice
CO 38 sts
R1: (ws) P1, sl1 wyib (with yarn in back) across row
R2: (rs)  K1 sl1 wyif (with yarn in front) across row
Repeat these two rows 30 times
The easiest way I have found to keep up with row count is the on the wrong side row you count out 30 bumps and there you have it!
I cast off on the following right side row with a very tight CO, I didn't cast off in pattern, but if that is what you would like to do it will look fine. I just found it easier, and looked just as good doing a straight cast off.
I have already had a lot of requests for more of these from people who did not receive them as gifts this year, so beware if you will be handing these out.
Everyone wants some!
I have already made 10 more since these.

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