February 11, 2008

No Knitting Today

I don't know if you can believe this, but it is 7:26 pm and I haven't picked up the needles once today. A very rare day indeed.

The Lillian is coming right along though, I set it down last night about 10 pm and I was just getting ready to start the third set of 20 rows. I really like this pattern allot. I wonder what it would look like with sleeves. Hmmmmmm......... I bet it would make a great looking long sleeved sweater. Maybe the next one will be just that.

The Grandbabies have been keeping me really busy today. As you can see, 'outside' is all they want. So from pick up time at daycare until dinner at 6:30 this is what we do. "Outside"
These are the two that live with me every other week. Isaac and Bella Marie.
This is why the needles are still laying on the couch today.
I wouldn't have it any other way. They keep me young.

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