Gift Knitting 2014

All of the gifts have finally been given out. 
Now I can show you all the goodies.


Six of these gift baskets, or buckets, were handed out over the last few days. Each one contained four linen stitch cloths with a trial size bottle of dish soap. These were actually very easy knitting and most of the cloths were knit while I caught up on all the t.v. action I had missed over the summer.
The pattern can be found here: Linen Stitch Cloths 

Some of the gifts were given out yesterday at my MIL's Christmas party.
I will be adding links and patterns to the blog for everything after the holidays are over. 

The hand towel with two dishcloths for my MIL and FIL
I took some of the raffia and just sewed the bow into the cloths and towel to make it more 'gifty' looking ;0)

The gift bucket for my SIL who has been stalking me on FB to see if I was making her some cloths this year.  I really am proud of how these all came out. I even used one of these for the dirty Santa at the party yesterday. It was a big hit! ;0)

Almost finished with all the cloths

The basket project is starting to take shape. 
This is what I wanted the raffia for. Lots and lots of tiny little bows.

uh uh uh it's a surprise, you will have to check back after the gifts are handed out..........

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