October 2, 2017

Sewing and knitting: My first quilt top in the making.

I read somewhere online about cutting fat quarters into quarters and making a quilt top that way.
Seems simple enough. Especially since I did just like I do with my knitting and went all out crazy buying up fat quarters at Walmart and on Ebay. Building up a stash of stuff that would sit in a box somewhere then when I found a use for them, I would not remember I had them and go out and buy some more. So, ya, just like my knitting.
Anywho I did have a pile of fat quarters I wanted to use up so I decided it's time to start my first ever quilt.
After pressing (yes BFF! I pressed, didn't wash, just pressed) and cutting them all into quarters I spent the next two hours on the floor in  my bedroom arranging and rearranging, sending pics to DD#1 and the BFF asking for opinions and rearranging some more.
Just like with my knitting, I hate this part! Deciding what colors look good, creating some kind of pattern out of the colors that make sense.
I literally hate this part!
It finally got down to two I thought would look decent.
This first one was ok until DD#1 sent me a message and said "are you making that for an LSU fan?"
Um........NO! This isn't going to work!
So then there was this. It's kind of like two overlapping crosses, that I liked. So this is the pattern I went with. Except that bright yellow you see there. That had to be moved as far away from the purple as possible. ;0). So I changed the yellow out with the cream in the corners.
After collecting all my rows and marking them, I started the sewing. It didn't take long at all to get three rows put together while my sweetie pie finished cooking dinner. 
And yes there was more ripping. Even tho I was not the one cooking, I was still involved and distracted, in the end I had to rip out three blocks that I had put together backwards. Sigh! But I still got the three rows finished before the dinner bell.
I think it is going to look good when I finally get it all pieced together. 
I haven't quite decided what I am going to use for the backing on this yet. I may just end up going with a sheet in a bright solid color. Like that yellow.
I am not going to do a binding on this quilt. I'm going completely old school. 
I don't think back in the day quilts were made to win awards as much as they were to keep you from freezing to death in your sleep. Plus, I read somewhere online that you can not enter a quilt that doesn't have binding in a contest. Well! That's a tad snooty don't ya think? 
For my first quilting I am going to do straight lines. Mainly because I have no idea how to do anything else. Don't worry, I have YouTube, it taught me how to knit in '97, I'm sure I can learn how to free hand quilt in '18. 

I had a talk with one of Santa's helpers and text him a picture of the new sewing machine I want for Christmas, then I will try designs. 
It's not the best and the biggest, but since everything I will be doing is for the house, it's is all I need.
Tho I was eyeballing that serger machine. I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a machine just for finishing. If I was doing it professionally? Maybe. But I'm not and to me, that is crazy.

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