September 14, 2017

LOTD: Knitting and Sewing:projects to keep you warm

 As a self proclaimed expert on loss of body heat, I can tell you, covering your head and the center of your chest will keep you as toasty warm as you can be, no matter how cold you are. 
Trust me, this is from years of trying to get warm while everyone else is pulling up their sleeves and fanning themselves with whatever they can find.
 I am literally that cold natured.
This pattern covers both areas, the head and the chest, nicely.
The hooded cowl would be a great idea for someone like me, in fact, this will be mine before the beginning of winter. 
Hooded Cowl 
Not that I could look as sweet in it as she does but hey, function before form. I don't care if I look like Hagar or the Pilsbury dough boy as long as I am not freezing my biscuits off.

This sewing project is perfect for someone like me who, even with a pair of gloves on, can get tingling fingertips within five minutes of being outside in the cold. 
I never even thought about using pocket warmers until my daughter started working at the local shipyard and she swore by them. But they can get a big pricey, especially if you can make some for yourself out of an scrap fabric you have laying around and some rice.
And these heat packs, they will be perfect for warming my always, even in the dead of summer, freezing toes. And anything with a name like this is a must have in my book!

Top it all of with this cozy looking sweater and I think I might stay a little warmer this winter.
 Free Knitting Pattern for Twilight New Moon Bella Hooded Cardigan

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