September 20, 2017

Have you tried arm knitting yet?

 My DD #1 has always been more of a tomboy. She was tougher than most boys her age, and had her Mama's mouth. 
So I was happily surprised to see her slowly become domesticated. 
Sewing cloth napkins and selling them to make extra money.
And apparently she's really good at it. (proud Mama voice)

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 Then she decided that arm knitting would be a good family project her and the kids could do together during a night of t.v. watching. 
I never really took much notice of arm knitting, figured it was a fad that would fade pretty quickly. I mean like really?!? 
But she got so excited about it, I decided to give it a looksy. And now I have, yes! have to! knit one of these! 30 minutes! A whole, warm, snuggly blanket! You know I would have to try. 
So of course being a visual person, I started with YouTube and found a couple of good videos.
That would be me. I like the CO in this version.
Which led me to this video
A couple of tutorial videos
You can purl too
Needless to say, I can't start anything new while gift knitting season is upon me. 
But as soon as it is over I am going to try this whole arm knitting thing.

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