September 28, 2017

Football is great for knitting!

Especially if the knitting is a garter stitch blanket.
I really like how this yarn works up. It has a nice stitch definition and until everyone else goes out and tries it, it's not expensive at all.
Granted that will change when it starts flying off the shelves.

I worked on this all day Saturday watching football. 
I tend to knit faster when I am seriously into something I'm watching. 
That wasn't the case during the Alabama game last weekend. It was a walk in the park so it was slow and steady knitting.
Ole Miss? Yeah, I expect some speed knitting to be going on this Saturday.

As you can tell by the pictures, this blanket grew fairly quickly. And I love the not so girly, but girly, colors of this yarn. So much so that I bought two more skeins to finish Sissy B's blanket in time for Christmas. And two skeins for Grandbats #6,7 & 8
I did end up having to add the smidge from another skein to finish this up. I measured the width at 28" so I wanted the length to be the same.

And here she is! All finished up. 28x28 perfect car seat, throw in the diaper bag, drag around with baby size. I haven't washed it up yet to see how the yarn holds up. I can't imagine it getting any softer than it already is, but we will see.
It is in the drawer with the receiving blanket and burp cloths and bib, waiting for prep day.

Up next I found the cutest pattern online for a rag quilt. 
It looks fairly simple and Wally World sells fat quarters for like 97 cents. I bought all they had in the pattern I want, just waiting on them to get some more in so I can get that finished as well.

This is the pattern I am going to start with

30 minute rag quilt
I love these! They look really cute and easy! 
That's the name of the game, Easy Baby Projects for BB

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