September 19, 2017

Happy with the results so far

I am obsessed with knitting on this blanket.
I love color changes, it keeps me knitting away like a fiend to get to the next color, without all the stopping and changing, ends to weave in, all the stuff I don't like.
I must correct my previous post, this is 125 sts on size 6 needles.
It is coming out the perfect size for carrying around with baby.
I am knitting the old way on this blanket because, honestly, until I get used to picking my sts, I knit much faster throwing. The only reason I want to try and get used to picking is for the relief on my shoulders and wrists. It is much easier on me, but much, much slower for my knitting. And bye bye to getting perfect gauge every time. When I pick my stitches, they are vastly tighter than any other knitting I do. Which as you can imagine, makes it hard to do stranded knitting with two hands.
So right now, I'm still throwin'

And look at that stitch definition, it is perfect! So, I'm just making a suggestion, but next time you need to whip up a quickie baby blanket, Lion Brand Mandala and garter st will get you all the compliments you deserve.

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