September 11, 2017

Fair warning, not knitting. Candy Crush! Handmade cloth napkins!

So, I told you my newest obsession is sewing. Well quilting is my goal, to be exact.
But my daughter has shown me the best way to practice and practice those all important 1/4" seams.
Handmade cloth napkins. 
I mentioned these in an earlier post and just had to show you how cute these came out.
This is my work space, i.e. dining room table and a couple of chairs to hold my box of fabrics.
It took me a hot minute to figure out how to consistently cut a straight line with the rotary cutter. Even with all these nice little gadgets to make it easier. 
The ruler kept sliding around as I was cutting and it was seriously starting to frustrate me. 
I finally wedged my pinky behind the ruler and with pure determination, got it done. 

From there it was off to the races. Once I got the hang of working that stupid blade (yes there was bloodshed) I couldn't get enough of this cute candy fabric I found on Ebay. You literally can find anything on eBay.
It was an all day project, in between Sunday school and church and night service, I did manage to keep the house clean, and get these done. 
Once my waitress mode kicked in and I started assembly lining, things started moving a lot faster. 

                                                      We have butterfingers
 My personal favorite and the only reason I bought this set: Pixie Stix!!!


 And for the chocolate lovers, Snickers, because you're not yourself when you are hungry!

There are some crunch bars that haven't gotten sewn up yet. 
You know, Sunday evening service and all.
Now aren't those all just too cute!?

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Unknown said...

I use scissors. I don't have anything fancy lol

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