October 8, 2014

Road Trip! Kinda long with pics

I love road trips!
Since the kids have grown up and finally moved out, road trips have become my favorite thing to do. We have been to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Tennessee and all points in between in the last two years. And you know what a road trip means right?
Uninterrupted knitting time!
Now as hard as I have been working on that dresser scarf, you would think that six hours of drive time would have me almost completely finished right?
Um.....NO. I decided after only about thirty minutes that I was going to start on my gift knitting for this year. Luckily when I travel, I never bring only one project because stuck in a car or not, if I don't feel like working on it, it's just not going to happen. I always have a book in the car as a back up ;0)
So I decided gift baskets were the thing for this year. 4 cloths rolled and tied with ribbon inside a cute little square basket with some kind of perfumey soap. Perfect for those people that you have to get something for but don't know them well enough to knit them something personal and also for those that bug you (DD#1) for cloths all year round, even though you had made it quite clear that you were on hiatus!
I have about three cloths already for the first basket. I just have to comb Variety Outlet for the perfect baskets. I already checked Wally World and that's a big no go. You're as shocked I'm sure, as I was!

I have some pics to share of the trip.
We went to the Alabama vs. Ole Miss game in Oxford this last weekend. 
Yes we lost but the trip was great fun.

The best thing about road trips are the
great views you get from the windshield...                              and the rear view.
The Delta really is a beautiful place and we could not have asked for a better weekend. Low humidity, cool temps and cold evenings.
It will be hard for me to stay at a hotel on any more of our trips. One of our friends decided to check into the state park and rented us a cabin on Lake Enid. It was absolutely beautiful!
The cabin was big enough for all five of us and completely stocked with everything except food. Much more comfortable and cozy then a hotel room would have been. Oh, and a grill, can't forget those awesome steaks PB cooked for us all.
The next morning we were up bright and early to watch the deer come right up to the back yard and play. They were literally everywhere, you had to be careful driving through, they have absolutely no fear. Cars, people, they don't care. It was great!

Then on to Oxford. The people there were really great! It was so crowded you could hardly move. It was a big game for them and they were very excited and for the most part, very gracious, welcoming us in all our Roll Tide gear with warm hand shakes and hugs.

We hung out with some great friends                                   and met some interesting

PB was very excited. Do you know
how hard it is to get this man to smile?
Yes! he was excited!

                                Nothing made me laugh harder the whole time we were there.

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