March 16, 2012

Hat and Neckwarmer for PB are finished!

The hat is finally finished. 
I had to force myself to go inside yesterday and finish it. 
It is a basic pattern I'll write up here.
I used:
Size 5 circs
LL's Shepherd Sport: Camouflage
CO: 112
K2,P2 for 2"
K around for 5 1/2" then started decrease rounds
K 26, k2tog around
K one row plain
I did that for about five rounds then started decreasing every round. 
When I got down to 8 sts left I sewed it up and plopped it on his already hot little head.
 Poor baby, but he did at least smile for the pics for me. ;0)
The "neckwarmer" of course is the Mira Cowl
Tho please don't call it a cowl in front of PB, the manly name is "neckwarmer"


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