February 15, 2012

Bird's Nest Smoke Ring: Project No. 4 of 2012

I went stash diving again yesterday. What floated to the top?? Well that's a good question. 

I remember I bought this yarn to do some kind of candle flame sweater, and it is the yarn that was actually called for in the pattern. It is some kind of cotton silk blend and closer to a ww than a dk.

The pattern calls for a fingering yarn, and I don't think this yarn is going to get it. It looks great in the pattern, well what I have gotten so far. But I want my cowl to be more drapey. So....

For the like, ten hundredth time, this yarn will become part of the frog pile.
Poor yarn, one day a pattern will call your name.

Stash diving again!! Woohoo!!

BTW, for those who were all upset about my post yesterday, you will be happy to know, I purchased a pattern today. Had to have it! 
When you go look at it, you will understand why I bought it. I think it is going to be well worth the $5 I spent. Just hope I can pull if off like she does.

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