July 3, 2009

Finally.... A new camera

We finally got a new camera the other day. I am still not sure what happened with the Kodak, other than the fact it was a Kodak, I will never have another thing "Kodak" in this house, I have lost a thousand pics and now 400 dollars on Kodak! I think I have learned my lesson now.
Anyway, I digress, the new camera takes great pics.
Plus... the bestest part... it's takes awesome underwater pictures!

Issac, PawPaw and Bella Boop, under water~

Bella is just starting to put her head underwater without being thrown in.

Isaac would live underwater if he could.

Remember when I told you about the ghost in the house?
Well, here she(?) is laying in the pool.
I don't know if you can see her, but when we first got the camera, Kendall was playing with it and went underwater to get a shot of me outside the pool. Can you see her under me? Laying on her side? Wicked cool huh?!

The camera and the salt water make Kendall's eyes look awesome underwater.

Here I am watching Kendall play with the new camera.

Me and Kendall or as I like to say, "Me and Leah"


Just messing around with the new camera! It does take good pics, I haven't played with all the settings yet, but I am getting there.


We have loads of fun with the camera since it is shock proof, water proof and freeze proof, I can take it places I used to be too scared to take my other camera! This is gonna be fun!

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