March 1, 2009

My favorite scarf

One day as I was wandering around Wally World, I found this yarn on sale, 75 cents a skein, I grabbed up four of them and through them in the stash when I got home.
That was three years ago. I remember because I was at the Wally World buying stuff for Triniti's baby shower.
One day at the beginning of the year I was reorganizing the stash, found it and made this.

This is my favortie scarf! I just took some size 10 1/2 needles and started knitting and kept on until I ran out of yarn. I had just finished two cabled scarves for some friends, and, before you ask, no I didn't get pics before I gave them away. I was so excited to gift them that I forgot ;0)
But I like my scarf better, it is soft, fluffy and oooo so warm,
This was just some fluff yarn I found at the bargain bin at Walmart.

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