February 16, 2009

Mr. Greenjeans interrupted...

I really haven't had much time for knitting on Mr. Greenjeans. My MIL called when they found out her sister had uterine cancer, she wanted me to make some hats for when she starts chemo.
Up on the soap box here .............
DO NOT WAIT to see your "doctor", yes the one we all hate to go to, no matter how nice they are.
I think my MIL said this is stage 4 cancer, had her sister not waited 28 years to see the doctor, it might have been caught sooner.
Off the soap box.
There is nothing to be done now but pray that the hysterectomy and the chemo help.
I went hunting the net and found this pattern: Floppy Brim Hat. I like the feminine look of this hat so I have made 2 so far. One white, one blue, both with cotton.
The blue is made with Cotton Ease by LionBrand and the white is cotton tots.
It gets entirely too hot down here on the Gulf Coast to wear a hat made of anything else.
I intend to make her a prayer shawl also to wrap herself with a hug when she needs one.
Then we just pray, allot, that she will pull through this o.k.

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