September 8, 2008

More cloths and another Christmas Present

Gabrielle's Syncopated Hat for Christmas. I am going to see if I can incorporate this pattern into a scarf for her, maybe reverse the colors. That would be cute. ;0) Look what Isaac and I found in the chicken pen Saturday morning.
I don't know where in the heck a pink egg came from. But Isaac was very excited about it.I designed this cloth for my Bosses, Ms. Fran and Mr. Ken.
I work at a local TV station, WKFK TV7 They are really great people to work for and Ms. Fran loves my knitting. So I made this for a gift for them. I am thinking about making a hand towel to go with it. What do you think? My first graphed design!Here are just a few of the cloths from the various KAL'S over the last few months.
I am still really enjoying the KALs I love the surprise at the end of the cloth. I haven't gotten a one of my guesses right yet, but that's what makes it so fun!

1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow you have been busy.

Excellent job on your first graphed design too. isn't designing FUN???

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