September 6, 2008

Kevin's Syncopated Cap

This is one Christmas present down.
Kevin, my SIL is a definite dream to knit for, he actually uses and or wears everything I make for him.
So he is getting some knitted gifts for Christmas.
I just read an email from a lady on one of my groups who has run into the same problem I have, you make people something as simple as a dishcloth you think they will like, and they won't use it.
They say it is too pretty or they don't want to 'ruin' it.
Not so much with Kevin, if I make it, he will use it, no matter how 'pretty' the design, or how delicate, if I tell him it's for him to use, he uses it.
You gotta love that kid!
I completely forgot to upload the pics of Bella Boop's second birthday party. I have lots, of Tristan and Trin too, but I think three posts in one day is plenty. Don't want anyone to get used to it. ;0)
I will post them tomorrow.

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