May 31, 2008

Busy Gardening and Knitting

I love spring in the south,(except for the 90's already) the flowers are blooming, the garden is growing. My back porch smells wonderful! Of course my sinuses are griping, but it's worth it.

The fern is getting bigger!

The Bromliads are vibrant this year!

And look at the garden! Loaded already!

The tomato bushes are huge!

The garden is putting out really well this year. The squash and beans are coming out in buckets full every day!

Just four squash out of the garden. Cut up and ready to boil.

Green beans, or as Tristan says "Bean Greens! MiMi!
The flowers are blooming like crazy!

The Petunia's are beautiful! I love this color.

Three different colors of Hibiscus this year.

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