March 8, 2008


The new design had to be frogged, and I don't mean a row or two, I mean about three inches.
Another reason I love the LB Microspun yarn. After all that ripping out, when I got where I needed, I just picked the stitches back up and started where I needed to be. No creepy crawly stitches that wanted to come undone and make me fight to catch a loop.
Needless to say, this put me behind a little bit, but I also enjoy this process, I am learning allot as I go.
The big surprise about the new design,........hold on to your hats ladies and gents..........It NOT BLUE!
I was looking around the blog and Ravelry and I started noticing an awful trend, besides the little orange pants that I made for Bella back before Christmas, everything else I have knit has been Blue, dark blue, light blue, cornflower blue, candy blue, what's up with the frikkin blue!?
So the name for this tank has officially become, Not So Blue Tank, and whoever doesn't get it, have a look around the blog and the flickr album.

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Yehudah said...

How about "Kind of Blue" for a name; it worked well for Miles Davis.

There is a real timeless quality to his music. It was released in Aug '59 and it sounds fresh today.

Atlanta GA

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