February 17, 2008

KnittingHelp.com | Advanced Knitting Techniques

KnittingHelp.com Advanced Knitting Techniques

What a great website! Full of videos for learning new techniques, or just touching up on some old ones.
My next 'learning curve' is going to be two socks on two circs, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. But I will eventually.
I am hoping to get some knitting done today on the Lillian, I haven't picked it up since Thursday. What with the Grandbabies Daddy, and Kendall home,(two events that rarely happen at the same time) I have been busy doing other things.
The Nascar race this afternoon should give me plenty of sit down time to get some work done on it.
Kendall has a rack of ribs on the grill and the baked beans are 'baking away' in the oven and it's almost race time. Nascar Knitting!

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