February 7, 2008

Back to Life

Desire' has been in Iraq for seven months now. It has been a long hard journey for all of us. Her DH works out of state week on and a week off. So we have been doing our best to help out with the two grand babies.

Isaac and Isabella have been a huge help for me, when I really miss their Mama. Isaac has his Mama's out going easy go lucky personality. With a little attitude thrown in for good measure.

Bella Marie has all the qualities of her Mother's not so easy going side. They keep me sane as we just wait for her to get back home again. I don't know what we would have done without them around.

Kevin, their Daddy has become like one of our kids, we spend alot of time together because not only has his wife left, his whole family is up north in New Hampshire. We try our best to be there for him and make him feel like he is our family now too.

It's a tough life these kids are having to go through, all of them, Bella was only 8 months old when her Mama left. Kevin had only been home from Iraq himself for a couple of years.

They are all doing good though and getting by the best we all can. But it will be over soon!

The last week in April is when she is due home again. And we can't wait.

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