February 7, 2008

3rd FO for the New Year

8 days of K1P1 ribbing!

It was well worth it. I think this is going to be my favorite short sleeved sweater this year.

I introduce: Tempting II.

My version anyway.

The specs and The Mods

Knit on size 8 Addi Turbos with Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Country Blue

I knit the small size but knit 15" till the sleeves instead of 13.

I did the sleeves and yoke according to the directions until I got to the collar. I didn't like the wide yoke, kept slippin g off of my shoulders, so after three froggings, I finally knit to the decreases and then I knit one more round, then k2tog around. After that I followed the directions for edging, but knit only 5 sts instead of 11 and started the ssk attatchments with the very first row.

I really like the way it fits. I have gotten more compliments on the neckline than I have on the sweater.

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