March 24, 2015

The worst knitter ever!

Yeah, that would be me.
I didn't knit on the sweater on that six hour road trip. I brought the new camera PB got me for my birthday so I spent the entire ride looking out of the window for anything that might be picture worthy, ncluding the rain on the windshield.
I posted some of the pictures over at the Lens End blog if you would like to see them.
I did bring the boat sweater. Had it sitting right where I could reach it. But then there was rain on the windshield, sun poking through the clouds, PB's sexy face. I just couldn't put the camera down long enough to get into anything else.
I just don't understand. I blasted through all the gift knitting and barreled through the Stonewall sweater. I just can't seem to get up the desire to finish a sweater that is already 85 percent finished. How dumb is that?
I need to find the motivation somewhere. I spent money on that yarn even though I have baskets and tubs and drawers a plenty.
I will get back into it, no matter how bad I just don't want to.
I have a knitting promise to keep and I can't until this sweater is finished.
Guess I better just bite the bullet and force myself to sit outside with coffee and just get 'er done!
I hope your knitting quests are going better than mine right now.
Knit ON!

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