January 13, 2015

No Reason Not to Stonewall

I know everyone is tired of listening to me complain about not being able to find a project interesting enough to me to start.
Well I have good news for you..........I FOUND IT! 
My next project, the one that has me searching online and hunting around for the perfect yarn! 
I just can't explain how happy and excited this makes me. 
I love doing my cloths, and towels and scarves, but I want something a little challenging without being so irritating it ends up in the WIP pile until I don't feel guilty about ripping it apart. 
I know you all will find this hard to believe, (on top of all this wonderful news) but I purchased the pattern! 
It just hit me as something I just really want to make. And I am sure I could have hunted half the internet to find a free one that was pretty close. And I am sure half of you will, but I like THIS pattern. And if I like it and the price is not so out of this world, I don't mind paying for it. And this was only $6 so, I jumped in and bought it.

The Stonewall Pattern

Doesn't it look absolutely cozy, comfy, jeans and slippers warm?
I love it! 
Now I just have to find the absolute best yarn for this project.
It calls for worsted/10ply 9WPI yarn.
I was almost set to buy some online then I decided to take the reasonable route and wait until I get home and check the stash.
I want to take this project nice and easy, not rush in with all these grand ideas, as I normally do. That's how it ends up in the WIP pile for so long.
So, until I dig in the stash this is as far is this goes for right now..................
Give me an hour and a half and things will change ;0)

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