November 19, 2014

Very Productive Knitting Day

Yesterday was probably the most productive knitting day I have had in a while.
The hat for my Mom is finished! I probably could have made the slouch a little slouchier (yes that is now a word) but I was just so over this hat and how long it was taking me that as soon as I got close enough I was ready to be finished with it.
I don't think she will mind though. It did come out wicked cute.

Sorry about the grainy pictures. As you can tell I still haven't found the right lamps for the living room and it was way too cold in the house to even think about getting uncovered and going to another room to get better pictures. Sorry.
And yes, I have the weirdest hair ever, it doesn't know if it wants to curl or be straight so it does both. Drives me insane!

I also finished the second and final cloth for my MIL's towel set.
Two gifts down in one day! Like a boss!
I started on my next gift on the list.

Abbey decided I needed help with the last one.
She is checking for knots and kinks, yeah, that's what we will go with. She's inspecting!
She says it's a go! I can now use this yarn.        
Of course that is after she tasted it a few times first.
It's all about quality control around here.

I can't tell you what this going to be, but if you have been following me lately, you could probably take a pretty good guess.
And no, I apparently have not gotten over the linen stitch bug.
I really like this yarn, even though it is sometimes hard to deal with, once you get a handle on the fuzziness, it really is a pretty yarn.

So all in all I am glad it never got above 41 degrees outside yesterday, it made me sit and get some things finished so I can keep moving through this ever growing list. that and I don't have to cut the grass ;0)

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