October 21, 2014

FO: Not as thrilling as it sounds

FO: Finished object.
Weeks or even months of knitting on a WIP (work in progress) and then all of the sudden it's an FO.
You think it would be thrilling, and to a certain extent it is. But! (you know there is one) I get what can only be described as FO anxiety.
My brain starts reeling, what is my next project going to be? What do I have in my stash that I am going to use? Do I remember where those size six needles went I used on the project before this one? Should I work on gifts or something for myself? Didn't someone ask me to make something a few months back that I agreed to?
I think this vicious cycle helps explain the frog pile too.
I start stressing as I get closer to the end of a project, then I start planning my next project, then a picture forms in my head, then BAM! There it is, I am bored with this project because the new project is going to be so much  more thrilling and fun to do.
I know I can not be the only crafter who has this disorder, seems like it would be a given. And judging by the huge frog piles we all have lying around there must be others.
Maybe I should start doing my projects like those irritatingly organized people who get together for a weekend and plan out and prep a meal for every day of the month.
But then again, what if I don't want chicken on the 15th? What if I want it on the 3rd and pizza on the 15th?
I think planning my projects like that would only lead me down a narrow, very dark path.
As you can see by this post, I am down a dark enough corridor already!

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