September 3, 2008

Weekends with the Grandbrats!

A couple of weekends ago PawPaw and MiMi took the babies and went trapsing off to Dauphin Island. We went to the Sea Lab. The kids really enjoyed looking at everything and listening to PawPaw tell them about all the stuff. PawPaw works in the firsheries department for NOAA so he has all the inside info about all the slimy, creepy, crawly, interesting stuff ;0)

PawPaw and Bella at the 'touching' table. None of us wanted to 'cop a feel' though. ewwwwwwww.....

Isaac is going to be a diver like his PawPaw!

Then we headed for the beach. Bella is usually very afraid of the ocean, pools and baths she can handle, that big ole ocean, no so much.
I took this picture to show her Mama she really did wade pretty far out in the water.

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