July 19, 2008

Back to your regularly........... well you know

This is my favorite rug I think. It is soft and cushy and the pattern makes it look like I worked a really long time on it.
It only took me four days and one cone of yarn to make it and it is 32" X 30"
If you would like to make one, it is really simple.
You need one cone of Peaches N Creme double ww yarn in your favorite color and size 10 needles.
CO 105 sts
R1: k5 p5 across
R2: p5 k5 across
Repeat R1 and 2 two times more
R7: K
Repeat these 7 rows until you run out of yarn and BO.
Wala! Simple, easy and oh so cute!

Bath mats, you could say they are my latest obsession.
The first one is a basic log cabin square from Mason Dixon knitting. I did this one on size 8 needles with 1 cone of Peaches N Creme's double ww yarn in Williamsburg blue. I love the country look and feel of this one, it sits in front of the garden tub.

You can't see the pattern to well but it came out really great and I get lots of compliments.

This is the log cabin again with a strand of dbl ww in williamsburgh blue and one strand of ww in delft blue, knit on size 10 1/2 needles. Between the two rugs it took me a week all together, but I love them both!

I also got a great tip, from my non-knitting daughter, she told me to get the non slip drawer liners to put under neath the rugs and it works like a charm. They come in pretty big rolls for 4 dollars a piece and work just as well as the no slip rug stuff you can buy. Sometimes that kid has a bright moment ;0)


Unknown said...

The rugs are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing how you made them.

Lil Knitter said...

I love the rugs!
I have two cones of P&C double worsted sitting here waiting to be knit into rugs. Someday, I will get around it. :)

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