June 11, 2008

Working on FiFi

I started on the FiFi the night before last. This is my first attempt at cables and I am loving it. I guess I have always thought they were harder and more fiddely than they actually are. This is a great pattern so far, I am still working on the bodice and raglan increases. It is absolutely genius how she has hidden the increases in the cable pattern. I can see myself making quite a few of these, I think there will be one with long sleeves for winter, in a nice silky blend yarn.
Right now I am using Knit Picks ww shine. I really like this yarn too. I had originally bought it for the robe in the Mason Dixon knitting book, but I got ww and the pattern calls for sport, plus it called out for the FiFi so, it's all good.
I will post some pics of the progress when I get home from work today.

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