June 8, 2008

Pluckin' Petunias and Pickin' Squash

Look at the size of the beans! I have loads in the freezer, and we are still giving them away!

First two cucumbers out of the garden!

Loads of cherry tomatoes and okra. I hate...hate okra, but Kendall and the boy love it!

We are getting a mess of squash out of the garden everyday!
The best part, I get to do all the prep for freezing, all by myself! (can you detect the sarcasim here?) I love the garden, seriously, prep work and all.

Braided Hibiscus

This is what happens to your cute itty bitty petunia when you pluck the dead ones out everyday.
It blooms into a monster container of carpet!
I love these little flowers. The color is great!

My Hibiscus that I butchered last winter is actually starting to bloom. I thought that it would be next year before we saw a bloom on this. I butchered it all the way down to the root last summer because I didn't like the way it was growing.
Apparantly it worked, I like it much better now.

This is some kind of hybrid Hibiscus, I have never seen one like this before, but I love it! It is braided with a yellow one and it is a beautiful plant!


Elizabeth said...

You can send some okra my way -;) What a garden you have! The checkerboard set is really cute too!

Alison said...

Beautiful pictures!

--AlisonH at spindyeknit.com (Blogger somehow refuses to accept that I'm not on Blogger anymore.)

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