June 23, 2008

Back from Panama City...lots of pictures

Here are just a few of the pictures from P.C.
I will post more tomorrow.
Bella, Isaac and Avery swimming

Desire' and Kevin, goofing around

Isaac trying to swim without his safety net

The Carretta

Don't know who this is, but what a great picture

Kendall working at the Charity Shrimp Boil.

The shrimp is almost ready, you can tell by the people gathered around the table.

Maryanne and Stephanie

Bella keeping her floaties warm.

Kevin is such a goof

Bella is finally having a good time in the pool

Isaac and his 'noodle'

Isaac is a pro now, he jumps right in.

Squinting and talking on the phone don't make for good pictures

Pool time is finally over, lets get dirty!

Bella trying to sweet talk her way back into the pool.

They finally gave in and decided to play.

Isaac talking to his alligator.

More pictures to come. I have the turtles, the zoo, just oodles more. I don't want to throw you into shock. I will post more tomorrow.


Peggy said...

Those kiddies are so cute. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Glad you are back safe. I look forward to seeing the new pattern.

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow what a great vacation. You have a beautiful family

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