May 12, 2008

Pattern Posted

I posted the new pattern and I think you are really going to like it. The easy to memorize stitch pattern makes it an ease to knit. And the smaller needles and highly textured pattern make it perfect for either dishcloths or bath cloths.
I have been knitting away on hand towels, and I will be posting a pattern for those over at the Knittinfree blog in the next day or two.
Have you tried the new CotLin from Knitpics yet? You really should if you haven't. Grab you up one skein the next time you are on their website. Email me and I will tell you the pattern I used. It is perfect for the bath.
I also have 'another' order of yarn coming from Peaches N Creme
I was reading on one of my lists, someone was using the double ww cotton for rugs! Now I know this is not a new idea, but I just realized now I can make rugs for the bathroom to match the loads of cloths and towels I have made! It was an epiphany!
I know I am a little slow, but once it hits me, I am up and running.
I have been trying really hard to be a good girl and do some sweater knitting for the, soon to be five, grand kids for this winter, but I am still stuck on the towels and cloths. I guess because we have been so hot down here on the Gulf Coast, that it is just too hard to get your heart into sweater knitting.
But I will soon, or at least get started on the flames caps for Brian and Kevin.
Right now, the cotton is calling, so more cloths and towels it will be.

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