March 1, 2008

Sick, but knitting

The flu has caught up with us here, I wrote about it here: House of Grands
Even with all of that going on, I have been able to get in an hour here and there of knitting. I am still working on the design, it is coming out really cute if I do say so myself, you will just have to take my word for it for now.
I ordered the yarn for Kevin's Cobblestone Sweater and hopefully it will be here in the next day or two. This is a Christmas present, so it will get labeled and put to the side, Christmas knitting doesn't start for another month or so around here.
But then again, you never know, I may get a hair up my butt and decide to go ahead and get it done and put up.
Sticking to my new years resolution of no starting anything new without either finishing what I am working on, or being honest enough with myself to admit I don't like it, I won't finish it and rip it apart, I am sticking to the design for right now.
One Christmas present I think I will be starting soon is Kevin's (yes he will be receiving allot of knitted gifts this year) Flames Cap that will probably be the next thing otn, after I order the yarn.
I did the dumbest thing, ordered the yarn for the cobblestone and forgot the yarn for the hat.
I have all the windows and doors open, airing the 'cooties' out of the house. It's such a beautiful day for it, the sun is bright, a nice cool breeze is blowing, and hopefully the germies are clearing out. I am off to knit for a while, before I start feeling like crap again...

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