February 22, 2008

Help! I don't know what iI want to knit..

The scarves have went to the wayside. For now.
I have plenty of time, and I don't feel like knitting a scarf right now.
But now I have a dilemma, usually by the time I am half way through with a project, I know what my next one will be, and I have no clue this time.
I am on a hunt.......what do I want to knit next, dishcloths.....kitchen towels.....socks for my baby sis......hats and sweaters for the grand girls........sleeping shorts for the grand boys........I don't know.
I guess I will scour the Internet and see what strikes my fancy. It's Friday, I will have all four grand babies in a few hours, and I have nothing I want otn. The horror of it all...........please, give me some ideas! leah@knititnfun.com

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